Live tracking
Photos of the payload during construction and testing
Telemetry schedule


Like the former flights, this one also uses a special U3S firmware version on an Arduino Nano board.

Live tracking

The map below is updated automatically with the latest received position during the balloon's flight. During the balloon's night time the battery is quickly depleted, so from just after sunset there are no more reports until daylight.


View the embedded image gallery online at:

Telemetry schedule

This is the telemetry schedule provided by Dave VE3KCL


See the S-4 page for more details of the telemetry protocol. The transmission schedule for the flight is based on a 12 minute transmission cycle, commencing on the hour and repeating every 12 minutes, i.e. at 00, 12, 24, 36 and 48 minutes past each hour. A distilled version of the schedule is:

Minute Band Frequency Mode Message
00 30m 10,140,460 JT9 Callsign VE3KCL + 6-character Maidenhead locator
01 30m 10,140,480 JT9 Altitude + groundspeed
02 20m 14,097,155 WSPR Standard WSPR message with callsign VE3OCL
04 20m 14,097,155 WSPR WSPR telemetry message on channel 3
06 30m 10,140,255 WSPR Standard WSPR message with callsign VE3OCL
08 30m 10,140,255 WSPR WSPR telemetry message on channel 3
10       90 seconds of GPS calibration