Updated 17-Aug-2023

Hans G0UPL: I get a lot of questions about order shipment status. It takes many hours every day to answer these. I have a lot of other urgent work to do too. Therefore I am now updating this page with current status information which could be the cause of a delayed shipment. If I have directed you to this page, please check which of the categories applies to one or more of the items in your order.


  • On placing an order, your payment is taken at that time. That's because as a small business, we cannot process credit card transactions ourselves (or more accurately, are not allowed to store your credit card information) and rely on a third party provider which takes payment right away. 
  • Your initial order status will be "Complete", it means your order was paid and placed and is in the database; you will receive a confirmation email, and there is no need to reply to it. 
  • When shipped, it will change to "Shipped" and you will be emailed a tracking number if applicable. 
  • If you do NOT receive these emails, it could be due to a mis-spelt email address on the order form but more likely is your ISP blocking the QRP Labs shop email altogether as suspected spam, or putting it in your spam folder. 
  • If your order has not been shipped within 1 business day then it probably falls into one of the following categories. 

Assembled unit:

If you have ordered an assembled QMX, QDX, QCX-mini and QCX+, please be aware that these are built-to-order and there is a waiting time while we work through the orders. The list is updated most days and is on this page: https://www.qrp-labs.com/qcxmini/assembled.html . You would have been notified of this at the time of placing your order and acknowledged it. 

All other kits...

...are shipping without delay, within 1 business day normally.