The 50W QCX PA kit case is made from black anodised aluminium, dimensions 63w x 25h x 130d mm. It's a 4-part case comprising front panel, back panel, top half and bottom half. The 4 parts are held together by 8 screws. The front and rear panels are drilled and silk-screen printed for the 50W QCX PA kit, as shown. 

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Please refer to the 50W PA kit page for more details of the 50W PA kit and this enclosure kit. The installation of the 50W PA kit in the enclosure is detailed in the assembly instructions for the 50W PA kit

50W PA enclosure kit contents:

  • High quality black anodized aluminium extruded 2-part enclosure (tongue-and-groove fit), top drilled to fit the heatsinks. Size 63w x 25h x 130d mm. 
  • Drilled and printed front and rear panels, to match the 50W PA PCB LEDs and connectors
  • 8pcs screw to bolt the front and rear panels to the extruded top and bottom pieces
  • 4pcs self-adhesive rubber cabinet feet