This GPS receiver module kit is mostly SMD (pre-assembled), and includes a high sensitivity active antenna with 2m coax and SMA connectors. It has three onboard LEDs for visual status indication, 3.3V regulator and power supply filtering, and 5V logic level conversion. It's easy to build and directly compatible with all QRP Labs kits.

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UPDATE 28-APR-2021: The QLG2 boards are now here at QRP Labs; we now have to finalize the firmware, documentation, flashing and testing. Please monitor this page for updates when we start shipping.

UPDATE: QLG2 manufacturing has taken longer than the original estimate, due to a number of supplier and production problems, most notably due to the global semiconductor chip shortage it was very hard to find the necessary microcontrollers. Currently our best estimate of shipment date is now end-April 2021. 

NOTE: QLG2 is currently in manufacturing; you may order it but shipping will be estimated end-March 2021. Information and photographs below are preliminary. 

The highly popular QLG1 GPS module had to be retired in February 2021 due to supply problems. This QLG2 module is an improved GPS receiver module kit that supports all the great features of QLG1 and additionally provides several upgrades and new features. QLG2: QRP Labs GNSS module Mk2


  • Supply voltage range 3.3 to 6V.
  • Board 80 x 37mm (Same as Ultimate3S, VFO and Clock kits).
  • Multi GNSS satellite constellation receiver supports the following systems GPS (US), Galileo (Europe), GLONASS (Russia) and Beidou (Chinese) - giving a faster more accurate position fix.
  • Supplied with included active antenna, approx 2m coax and SMA connectors.
  • Onboard LEDs for status indication: Red (Power), Yellow (Serial data) and Green (PPS).
  • 2.8 to 5V logic level conversion to provide 5V serial data for full compatibility with all QRP Labs kits.
  • SMD assembly already undertaken by factory facility - only SMA connector, and optional USB B, pin headers to solder.
  • Serial to USB converter, using onboard USB B connector, for convenient interface to PC software if required - no drivers required. Jumpers select either the GPS serial data, or your own externally connected serial data, for example you could use this as a USB to Serial data converter for CAT control of QCX, QCX+ and QCX-mini transceivers.
  • Can optionally be connected to a standard 1602 LCD, in the same style as the Ultimate3S, VFO and Clock kits, to GPS date, time and satellite information using onboard microcontroller. 
  • Space provided for optional ultra-capacitor for faster hot-start
  • All modules will be fully tested before shipment. 


These are preliminary photos and show the prototype, which is hand-assembled (not very tidily). There will be many minor differences between this board and the final production board, but the above list of features remains the same.