David G8OQW writes:

"The pin spacing is 0.05" therefore the same as standard ribbon cable so I've used an IDC cable mounting plug. A 14 way connector is required but I only had a 16 way to hand therefore one pin at either end is unused in my example.

Source: Rapid Electronics Limited, Part No: 19-0067. Description: IDC Multipole Connector - TruConnect, 16 Way Idc Cable Mounting Plug 2.54mm Pitch.

As shown (picture 1) one of the metal tabs is bent flat, then a double sided adhesive pad is positioned (picture 2). The connector is aligned and pressed into place (picture 3) and finally, very carefully the pins are soldered to the connector (picture 4).

Rather than use solder wire I applied a small amount of solder paste to each connection point then applied a very fine tipped iron.  This was done one pin at a time.  Application of the paste with a scalpel point, needle or something else small and pointy.

And a careful check after fitting for any solder bridges.  If found, a fine solder wick will remove the excess.

Regards David G8OQW"

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