Production Update 14-Nov-2020

Various issues with component suppliers delayed the production by more than I had expected. Several items (other than the PCBs) needed custom manufacture, in particular the 5K gain pot and the 1602 yellow/green LCD were a bit slow.

Anyway... good news at last...

Photographs received this morning from the PCB Assembly factory show the assembled top and bottom QCX-mini PCBs. 500 of the QCX+ TCXO modules are also completed see - these are also compatible with the QCX-mini. Yellow/Green LCD modules were custom-manufactured in the QY-brand factory for the QCX-mini. This is the same high quality brand we have used for all QRP Labs kits for the last 7 years dating back to the Ultimate3/3S

These boards should ship from the Far East assembly facility on Monday 16-Nov-2020.