Dev Update 24-Sep-2020

The SMD parts arrived here on Monday 21-Sep-2020, enough parts to build two complete prototypes. In the last three days I have busily been working on assembling the prototypes, installing all the 0603-sized resistors and capacitors etc by hand soldering.

Some time in the next few days the prototype enclosure should arrive here. 


The photos show the two prototypes, I built them for 30m and 20m. 


Here are some detailed views of the assembled boards. Please don't laugh at my messy hand-soldering of the SMD components


I had plenty of difficulties of course. Some of them, due to soldering the SMD components which isn't exactly trivial... at least, not for me. There are numerous minor changes I will make to the PCBs, so far I have 15 on my list. After the fault-finding and two important modifications, the two QCX-mini prototypes were tested and adjusted. The procedure was exactly the same as a QCX or QCX+ (good news, this is the expected result - since they have the same schematic and the same firmware).

I obtained good power output:

Band 12V supply 13.8V supply
30m 5.0W 6.8W
20m 4.5W 6.2W

First QSO

The first QSO was with Feri HA2EOU, using the 20m QCX-mini prototype at 5W output; the report was 559. 



The prototype enclosure should arrive here in a couple of days, then I can see if the PCB assembly fits inside the enclosure!