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Dev Update 25-Sep-2020

The enclosure prorotype arrived on Thursday evening 24-Sep-2020, I was excited to find that everything fit absolutely perfectly! 

Prototype enclosure

The photos show the prototype enclosure, with the 30m QCX-mini prototype installed. 

NOTE: the buttons only protrude maybe 0.5mm from the enclosure; the final production model will use taller buttons that protrude maybe 2.5mm (0.1 inches).

20200924_232515.jpg 20200924_233313.jpg 20200924_233346.jpg



Photos with each end panel removed, show how the QCX-mini is installed in the enclosure. The top (LCD) PCB slides into the PCB guide rails in the top half of the enclosure extrusion. The bottom PCB is bolted using 11mm spacers to the top PCB. It is slightly narrower than the top PCB. The Controls PCB is bolted to the bottom PCB. 

20200925_145146.jpg 20200925_145504.jpg

Handheld QCX-mini

20200925_150154.jpg 20200925_150206.jpg

Comparison with QCX and QCX+

Some comparison photos of the QCX-mini next to the QCX and QCX+. The QCX is in the BaMaTech enclosure.

20200925_142912.jpg 20200925_142918.jpg 20200925_143032.jpg

20200925_143142.jpg 20200925_143206.jpg 20200925_143213.jpg

Weight comparison

QCX model Weight (g) Weight (ounces)
 QCX-mini 202 7.1
 QCX ** 288 10.2
 QCX+ 559 19.7

** Note: QCX in BaMaTech enclosure

20200925_142750.jpg 20200925_144915.jpg 20200925_144928.jpg

Current consumption

Measured using the metering of my power supply:

 QCX model Supply voltage LCD backlight Current consumption
 QCX-mini 12 OFF 58 mA
 QCX-mini 12 ON 72 mA
 QCX-mini 13.8 OFF 58 mA
 QCX-mini 13.8 ON 76 mA
 QCX 12 ON 112mA 
 QCX 13.8 ON 118mA
 QCX+ 12 ON 112mA
 QCX+ 13.8 ON 118mA


Modifications to the PCB, and resolve an issue with microphonics