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Live tracking
HabHub live tracking
Photos of the launch


Like the former flights, this one also uses a special U3S firmware version on an Arduino Nano board.

NOTE: WSPR callsign is VE1VDM (courtesy of Vern VE1VDM)

Live tracking

The map below is updated automatically with the latest received position during the balloon's flight. During the balloon's night time the battery is quickly depleted, so from just after sunset there are no more reports until daylight.

Live HabHub tracking

The following HabHub map is done using a program that David SM0ULC wrote that extracts the data from WSPRnet and feeds it to HabHub. This is still under development!

Photos of the launch

Like S-14, Dave VE3KCL launched this one at dawn from a boat that was traveling at the same speed and direction as the wind.

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